Media center

Dear Patients and Relatives,

We have created various videos on special themes in order to give you an idea of who we are and how we work. This enables you to get an idea of our senior physicians and the staff.

We hope that you will find our offer acceptable and that we have been able to provide you with comprehensive information. Please note that a video is not intended to replace a personal consultation with your physician.

The media center is updated on an ongoing basis. It is worth coming back!

Central Admissions and Diagnostics - English

Lukas Deluxe International Film

Josefino - Obstetrics and Parents´ School at St. Josefs Hospital - German

The obstetrics at St. Josefs Hospital introduces itself. We accompany future parents during pregnancy, the birth and in the puerperium - in redesigned rooms since May 2014.  Customized, with empathy and professional. For an allround protected feeling.

Breast cancer treatment at the Catholic St. Lukas Society - English

The senior physicians at the Clinics for Gynaecology and Obstetrics Dr. med. Michael Glaßmeyer (St. Rochus Hospital Castrop-Rauxel) and Dr. med. Christoph Hemcke (St. Josefs Hospital Dortmund-Hörde) provide information on the subject of breast cancer treatment at the Cath. St. Lukas Society.

Colon Cancer Treatment at Catholic Lukas Society - English

Our Head physicians Priv.-Doz. Dr. med. Christian Teschendorf and Prof. Dr. med. Heiner Wolters (St.-Josefs-Hospital) give information about colon cancer treatment at Catholic St. Lukas Society in Dortmund.