Services & Informations


Clear communication between the patient and the medical personnel is vital for successful treatment. The doctors and the majority of the nursing staff of the hospital speak English.
We provide an interpreter for patients who require translation into or from their mother tongue for the essential medical consultations.
It is also possible to provide interpreters on an hourly basis in addition to the essential medical consultations. The interpreter will bill the patient separately for additional interpreting services.
Please inform us if you would like the additional services of an interpreter.
Multilingual staff at the International Office are available for all administrative and organizational matters. Information is provided in German, English, Arabic, Russian and French.

Accomodation and Transfers


There are a limited number of self-catering apartments available in the grounds of the Catholic St. Lukas Society (Dortmund Hörde).
Please contact the International Patient Services to inquire about a reservation.

We are also able to arrange accommodation in other apartments in the City Center . Please contact us if you are interested.

Selected Partner Hotels in Dortmund:

(distance to the hospital: maximum 10 minutes - most hotels offer special rates for our Patients).


We will send patients who need a visa a letter of invitation for forwarding to the Embassy. This requires the amount shown on the cost estimate to have been received in full on the Catholic St. Lukas Society account.
Please contact us if you need our assistance.  You will find further information about applying for a visa on the web pages of the German Embassy in your home country.

Medical Travel Insurance

People who are travelling to Germany to receive medical treatment and accompanying persons are required by law to take out medical travel insurance. This medical travel insurance must be taken out in the home country, e.g. through the travel agency.

About your stay in the Hospital

Patient rooms

The patient rooms in the The Catholic St. Lukas Society are without exception modern and pleasant single and double rooms. Individual accommodation requirements (single room) will be considered as far as possible by agreement with the treating department.
 In exceptional cases we can arrange to accomodate an escort in the patient room. The costs of this will be included in the total bill.

Diet and menu

Our patients and escorts, who are accommodated in a patient room, have the choice of three menus every day. If your state of health necessitates a special diet or if you have individual needs or customs, we would be pleased to take them into consideration. Please inform the nursing staff of your wishes at the beginning of your treatment.


Free WLAN/LAN is available in all patient rooms.


Television programs in the patient rooms and lounges are broadcast in the following languages:

  • English
  • Russian
  • Arabic
  • French
  • German


The hospital cafeterias have newspapers in English, Russian, Arabic and German.

Religious Practice

Christian services are held regularly in the chapels attached to the hospital. Ministers are available for discussions, if desired.
A prayer room on the hospital grounds (Head Hospital) is available for Muslim patients.

After treatment

At the end of your treatment the doctor in charge of your case will compile a detailed medical report in the German or English language. This will contain information about the treatment received as well as recommendations for further medical care.